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11th October 2021

These are the top ten reasons our Party Pages event specialist thinks that you should book a venue for your event, instead of hosting it yourself at home.

As a previous Event Coordinator and Events Manager at many different types of venue, from hotels to private wedding venues, I often felt like I needed to justify why our prices were more than what it would cost to host an event at home.
Below are my top ten reasons why booking a venue is the wisest idea, even though it may cost a little more.


1. Most events that are worth organising or celebrating is because they’re important to you or your business. Hosting your event in a venue gives off the impression that it is a meaningful event and not just an informal party at home or in the office. Your guests will feel important for being invited and you will be able to make a real showcase of the event.


Drinks Reception

2. If you host your event at a venue, you are likely to have an event manager and other staff members who are focussed on making sure the event runs smoothly. To host your own party at home or at a business premises, you might be preoccupied with the details of the event and find that you can’t spend time with the guests. Host your event at a venue and the event will be yours to enjoy!


3. Many venues will help you to organise the event or party, offering years of experience to make sure that your event will go smoothly. If you’re planning a wedding, chances are that this will be the first that you have had to organise, so who better to help you than an experienced wedding coordinator who will have seen dozens if not hundreds?


4. Event suppliers are by no means hard to come by. In fact, you may find that you struggle to narrow down the options available to you. Who better to ask than your venue, who will have personal experience of working with lots of different suppliers and are likely to be able to make recommendations? If you’re hosting your event at home or at a private premises, you will need to ask around for recommendations and even then you may struggle to find someone to provide exactly what you want. Party Pages does help you narrow down the options by location and reviews, but a venue’s staff could help even more.


5. Setting up a party or event can be a timely affair, often taking hours, days or even weeks to make the appropriate preparations. Events venues specialise in taking this off your hands. A venue would often have a final meeting and take all items the week prior to the event to set everything up for you. You may wish to attend the event earlier just to ensure that everything is in place, but you will be able to get yourself ready in the knowledge that the staff have it under control.


6. Catering is often one of the largest parts of a party or event. It’s not true that to host an event yourself you must also cater it yourself. In fact, there are many suppliers who specialise in attending different premises as a roaming caterer to take this element off your hands, and you can find many of these in our caterers category on Party Pages. However, if you use a venue such as a hotel or event venue, you may find that they offer packages with the food included, so it’s one less area to focus on.


7. Many venues have function bars which are specifically designed to offer a variety of drinks to guests at an event without running out of anything. If you were to host your own event in a private premises, you would need to stock in the drinks yourself and provide this free of charge to your guests. If you wanted guests to pay for their own drinks, you would be required to get a licence for this and/or hire in a bar supplier to provide this on your behalf. You can find some drinks providers in our drinks category on the Party Pages homepage to take charge of this for you, but a venue could also provide this service for you as part of the package.


8. Tidying up during a party is a key element to the flow of the event. No-one wants the empty glasses and half eaten plates of food cluttering up the party. A venue will often have staff roaming around the event to ensure that the place is kept clean and tidy. If someone drops their drink, a staff member will be straight there to mop up the spillage and clear the broken glass to ensure safety. At a private premises, that would be left to the host or the guests themselves and after a couple of gins, could prove a little dangerous.


9. Entertainment can prove vital for any party or event. A lively band, a DJ, a magician or even fire eaters… there are so many suggestions to give your event a wow factor, and you can find ideas in the ‘Entertainment’ category on the Party Pages homepage. Not all homes and private premises are suitable for entertainment. With a venue, you won’t need to worry about the neighbours complaining about loud music or the health and safety of having stilt walkers roaming around. Venues provide health and safety risk assessments for all events and will liaise with any suppliers to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the entertainment safely.


10. Clearing up after an event is almost a reason not to host it in the first place! The easiest time to clear up is straight after the party, before the drink spillages get sticky and the food moulds to the plates, but who wants to be washing up at 2am?! Well, the answer is, the venue staff! A venue will usually provide a full clear down service for your event that same evening, as they will often have another event to set up for the next day. You can get a good night’s rest, knowing that you can get up in the morning and pick up any leftover items and leave the cleaning to the venue.


So those are my top ten reasons why booking a venue might be the best way forwards for your event.
You can find local venues to you in our venue category in the Party Pages directory. You can also use the Party Pages event planning services to help you find the correct venue for your party or event.

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