Help and ideas for your Easter event

7th January 2022

After a challenging two years and COVID-19 still being very much so present in our lives, Easter 2022 may not be quite the same as other years. However, there are still plenty of ways in which you can get together with friends and family to make the most out of this wonderful Spring celebration.


Easter egg hunt

One of the most favourite activities which can gather children and adults together is to organise an Easter egg hunt. This can be anything from a private challenge in your own back garden, to a large local event where hundreds of people can join in. Check out our local public events page to see if there is an egg hunt near you.
If you plan to organise your own hunt, there are many of the traditional chocolate options in the shops for you to hide which come in a variety of sizes and colours. If you are more health conscious, there are also plastic hollow eggs which you can fill with your own healthier treats, such as fruit, savoury snacks and homemade jellies.
Don’t forget to have a few extra eggs kept to the side in case any of the little ones don’t manage to find any eggs, or the latecomers need some top ups hiding.


Traditional Easter foods

Why not host a traditional Easter feast? You can welcome your guests with a chocolate martini and chocolate milk for the children. A traditional sit down roast dinner of lamb or chicken is always a crowd-pleaser, or you can put out a buffet spread of grazing items, such as deviled eggs, glazed ham, chicken drumsticks and a variety of sweet bites.
Hot cross buns are a favourite at this time of year if you just want to provide a snack to go with a cup of tea.
If you would like some help, we have some wonderful caterers who can get involved and do all of the work for you.


Arts and crafts

The children love Easter time as it’s the beginning of spring and colours are beginning to pop up all around us once again. Why not host a craft party with the little ones and let them get messy with some colours and paints?
Egg painting is a fun way to embrace this holiday and can then act as decorations for the bank holiday weekend. You might want a couple of adults on hand for this one to help the children with the fiddly and delicate eggs.
Potato printing is a potentially messy but lovely activity, especially for younger children. You will need to prepare some potatoes in advance so that there are no knives around once the little ones join in. Cut your potato in half and then with a small paring knife or craft knife, make fun stripes and patterns in the potato. The children can then paint the stripes and print onto big pieces of paper.
For older children, you can make lots of different spring animals using pom poms, with chicks, bunnies and lambs being amongst the favourites. Add some googly eyes and they’ll have a toy to take away! Take a look online if you need the instructions.


Get baking!

There are so many sweet treats that are easy to make at this time of year and children also love to get involved. Take a look online for lots of ideas, but some of our favourites are:
Egg nests (Shredded wheat and melted chocolate in bun cases with 3 mini chocolate eggs on top)
Mini egg cookie traybake
Carrot cake
Hot cross buns


Neighbourhood event

The weather tends to be getting nicer around Easter and you may well feel confident in hosting an outdoor event again. Speak to your neighbours about joining together outside for a street party or a village fete.
Although this may take a little time to organise, there will likely be plenty of people around to delegate tasks to.
You could put together all of the ideas found above! Host a pot luck buffet, where everyone brings a food item to share with others. Arrange a crafts table and let the children creatively play together with some of the ideas above and finish up with an egg hunt.


Let Party Pages help

For a larger event, you may want some external help or need to hire some furniture, catering supplies and other items. See our suppliers pages to find local specialists who can help you with planning and hosting of your party.
Or perhaps our event professionals here at Party Pages can help? Pop us a message on Ask Party Pages and we will be very happy to get involved.

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