Your guide to wedding favours; ideas and considerations.

21st March 2022

Congratulations on your wedding! You have no doubt been inundated with plans and advice from all directions, so this article is designed purely to assist you with one small area of your wedding planning… and that is the favours for your guests.

Although often seen as a token gesture to thank your guests for coming, there are some lovely and quirky ideas, which can really add to the theme and feel of your wedding. You do, however, need to be careful as a favour is meant to be given to every guest, so the costs can creep up.

Below you will find a list of different suggestions, but also some advice as to what to bear in mind with each. Try to choose something that your guests will enjoy and either use/eat/drink or will treasure as a memento from your special day.


Sugared almonds: This is the most traditional wedding favour, originating from Greece. The oldies will love them but they’re not particularly suitable for children or anyone with nut allergies though.


Other sweets: From packets of love hearts to personalised M&Ms or individually wrapped chocolates, this is a great modern take on the above. It can also be quite an economic way of keeping costs down by bulk buying and separating into one person portions. You can display them in jars, cones, bags or boxes and even have them in the colour scheme of your wedding.


Miniatures of alcohol: This is one way of providing a drink and a favour all in one, for around £2.00-£3.00 per person. Your guests will almost certainly enjoy this favour there and then at your wedding. However you need to check with your venue that you are allowed these (as some licenced venues may not allow you to provide any alcohol yourself).


Packets of seeds: A lovely idea where your guests can take the seeds away and plant them in celebration of your wedding. There are some cute poems that embrace this token gesture and they’re great for the environment.


Candles: Who doesn’t love a scented candle? This is a great way of adding to the colour scheme in your wedding breakfast, by placing an individual candle in each person’s place setting, for them to then take away as a gift. They can even make your venue smell nice.


Lottery tickets/scratch cards: Although not the most aesthetic favour to give, they are £1.00 per person and there’s even a chance they’d win some money by attending your wedding


Hangover kit: Depending on the crowd at your wedding, some may benefit greatly from a hangover kit. Fill a little bag with some paracetamol, plasters, mints/chewing gum, a bottle of water, teabag/coffee sachet, etc.


Cakes: An individual cupcake, a doughnut, a cookie, a cakepop, macarons… all are popular ideas for how to give your guests an individual cake to take away or eat there and then, whenever they like. This could be a great idea if you don’t plan on having a wedding cake or you are having a cake of cheese instead.


Bathbombs/soaps: Not only can these look really pretty and can be matched with your colour scheme, but they will make your wedding room smell lovely! Be careful to not choose too many different scents though, otherwise I might be a little overpowering.


Charity donation: You may wish to donate the money that you would have spent on wedding favours to a charity that means something to you. Many charities will provide you with cards to place in your guest’s place setting to let them know.


Whichever you choose, just remember that although an individual cost might not seem like much, but multiply that by your number of guests and you can soon be in the hundreds of pounds.

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