Balls and Proms

Organising a ball or prom can appear a fun, yet daunting, task. Very often, a social committee or team will be set up for organising a large charity event or a school prom, with committee members each taking responsibility for a different element of the event.

We are blessed with many great venues in our area; some that offer and coordinate almost everything on your behalf, and others that are more of a blank canvas allowing you freedom and flexibility to design the many different elements, including the menu, drinks, entertainment and decorations.  Whichever your route, please see some of our tips and suggestions below to help to deliver on all of your objectives.

Whether you are planning from scratch, or have joined a group part way through the process, here are a few quick links that might help you with your planning:


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Many events of this nature are funded by the sale of tickets. You may already have a predetermined number of guests or ticket numbers and price per ticket in mind from previous events or experience, or you might need to go through the venue search and supplier quotation process before you can commit to the number and price of tickets.  Your event might be a fundraiser in aid of chosen cause or charity or it might simply need to cover the costs. Some costs will be fixed, no matter the number of attendees, whilst others will a price per head. A simple spreadsheet is a good idea to help keep you on track.


If you are choosing a venue for your event, it is perhaps the most important decision you will make. There are a number of things you might want to think about:

  1. Capacity – are you able to comfortably and safely accommodate your required numbers?
  2. Location – is it easy to get to? Is it well serviced by taxi or transport links?
  3. Facilities – car parking, and are guests able to leave vehicles securely overnight and retrieve them the next day? Are there toilet facilities or do you need to hire mobile loos? Does the venue suit your intended use?
  4. Accessibility – might any of your guests find your chosen venue difficult to access and navigate? Consider your audience when choosing your venue.
  5. Licensing – is the venue licensed to sell alcohol? Perhaps you wish to provide this element yourself to help raise funds? What time is the venue permitted to stay open until?
  6. Reputation – it is always worth reading the reviews. A venue that is not so well thought of could have an impact on ticket sales

Read the small print…

It is true when they say the devil is in the detail. We have yet to meet a supplier who deliberately set out to under-deliver a product or service, but it always pays to read supplier contracts and make sure the detail matches any verbal agreements and your expectations. And if you’re not sure about anything, don’t be afraid to ask.

In particular, given the pandemic era, cast your eye over any cancellation terms. Explore these further with your supplier/s if necessary and ask for any agreed amendments to be made in writing.

Preparation and setup…

Events of this nature usually rely on a number of different suppliers and inputs. Perhaps you and your committee are planning to decorate and theme the venue prior to the doors opening.

First check with the venue (and secure in writing) the time you are able to access the venue. Agree what will be completed by the venue, and by when. You can then work through your list of suppliers and schedule all of the arrivals and departures.

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