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The very fact that there is an image of ants at the head of this page might have you momentarily wondering if you have landed on the right page. If you have have been tasked with arranging a group activity for team building or work social purposes there can be many many routes to follow. Ants are just one of nature’s very clear examples of team work at its finest; all members of the colony (yes, that’s the collective name for a group of ants, remember that for the Christmas quiz) working together for common purpose? Yet, ‘team building’ means very different things to different people. For some, the thought of a muddy assault course brings great anticipation and excitement, while for others it is something of dread. Finding something that meets the objectives and appeal of all attendees can be tricky, especially for larger group sizes. However, there are many fantastic venues, activity centres and local team building providers in our area to help you put on an event to bring a smile to all faces.

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Number of participants…

The size of group can rule in and out options. Team building in very large groups is very hard to achieve in any case. Consider those you want to place together in smaller teams.

Key objectives…

Although team building may be your ultimate goal, think about the key objectives of the activity. Do you require your guests to get to know each other better because they’re a new team? Do you want them to build on communication and conflict resolution? Do the participants need to work on trust, loyalty and working together to achieve a goal? Or perhaps you just want to reward a hardworking team with a fun experience.

Consider how you’ll communicate these objectives prior to the event and measure the outcome afterwards.

Consider your guests…

Think about the variety of people in your group. If you opt for a physical activity, will that result in any members not be able or willing to participate? Does the location exclude any or many geographically or because it is difficult to access? Do any food or drink choices cover all dietary needs?

That all said, you will never please everyone, and more often than not, guests will have a great time when they perhaps were not expecting to.

To share or surprise?…

There can be many benefits to keeping the details about a forthcoming team building activity as a surprise. A lack of prior expectations or less positive thoughts about the activity can result in a more positive experience on the day.

However, it is also worth noting that the team building experience starts from the moment you communicate that an event is taking place. It builds anticipation, and hopefully excitement, from that moment and this can add great value to the team as they chatter, discuss and bond over their shared forthcoming experience.

If there are surprise elements to add value on the day, keep these closely guarded, but a general conversation, and an open line of communication to allay any concerns some participants might have are likely to add to the positive feel around the day and the team.

The same goes for the post-event communications. The sharing of photos, distribution of awards and chatter about the next event will help your team live the experience long past the day itself.

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