Virtual events

Virtual events are not a new thing, but they have certainly become a regular feature in many our calendars since COVID-19. Perhaps you are considering an online event because you are unable to meet in person, or perhaps it enables you to reach a much wider audience geographically.

We are all now familiar with the concept of the ‘zoom’ call, but the purpose and audience of your event will help you to determine the most appropriate platform and vehicle for delivery of the content. You might wish to use an established online solution, and/or require input from an audio/visual professional – of which you’ll find some fantastic local providers in our directory pages.

There are now a well tested and widely accepted number of benefits to hosting virtual events. One of the most significant is that attendance levels are generally much higher for virtual meetings and conferences where the impact of distance and time away from the office or home are reduced. Your budget might also see a healthy saving due to removal of venue, food, drink, travel and accommodation costs.

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Party tips

Create engaging content…

Content is king, but never more so in the virtual arena. Quality over quantity is a must so as to keep your audience engaged. An interactive element is likely to be a must in order to encourage attendees to stay on topic.

Live streaming versus on-demand viewing…

Your decision as to the most suitable format will largely depend on capabilities of the tech and perhaps the wifi of your audience. Live streaming offers you the opportunity for greater interaction and engagement, but it does open up the potential for things to go wrong. Whereas on-demand enables your audience to engage with the content around the other demands of their day.

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