Planning a wedding, be you a bride, groom, parent, sibling or friend, should be a fun and enjoyable experience for all. We are incredibly lucky in this area to be surrounded by venues and suppliers who are very well-polished at providing for your every need and detail to create the day of your dreams.

Search our directory to find suppliers who are both fabulous and local. From your wedding venue, wedding dress, cakes, favours, Bands and DJs, to caterers, marquee hire, entertainers, wedding cars and décor and theming specialists the list goes on, you will find options to suit every taste and budget.

Planning a wedding from scratch will take you through every known human emotion – we know, we’ve been on both sides of the table. It is our belief that it should be exciting, but it certainly shouldn’t cause stress and anxiety that can detract from the day. Aside from our directory of suppliers, we are on hand to help you with every aspect of planning, budgeting, finding and appointing suppliers, and of course the pulling together and delivery of the big day itself.

Perhaps you just have a quick question or can’t find an available supplier – pop us a quick message to our free Ask Party Pages service and we’ll get back to you with a quick response or solution. Or perhaps you’d like a number of supplier recommendations for various areas of your day? Or maybe you’d sleep easier at night knowing that we (or one of the wonderful wedding planners featured in the directory) has got every detail covered and will be with you along the journey with a comprehensive wedding planning and coordination service.

Wherever and however you choose to celebrate your day, we wish you all the very best from the Party Pages team.

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Party tips


This will mean different things to different people, but to have an overall plan of your wishes for the day will help everyone involved to pull in the same direction.


There will be things that you want to keep under wraps about the day. But when it comes to the big stuff, communication is key. There is absolutely no such thing as a silly question. Explain how you want things to flow, to look and to be delivered. Keep suppliers in the loop as things change.

Read the small print…

It is true when they say the devil is in the detail. We have yet to meet a supplier who had deliberately set out to under-deliver a product or service, especially on a wedding day! But it always pays to read any supplier contracts and make sure the detail matches what you agreed, along with your expectations. Make a note of deposit and final payment dates.


We all have a budget. Try and set a budget for each item when you start. Identify the non-negotiable items on your wish list and enter these into your overall budget. That will tell you what you have left for the remaining elements of the day, and perhaps flag up where you have some budget remaining or where you might need to trim something back. There are some great online tools for managing a wedding budget.

Enjoy the process…

Don’t forget to enjoy the build-up. Try not to sweat the small stuff – only you will notice!

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